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Scandinave Spa My Reason Series

Backcountry Backflips and Big Mountain Skiing with Suz Graham

Bird’s Eye View Episode 1

Ancient Art; Climbing + BASE jumping = ♥

Exploring the Backcountry in BC

Preseason 12-13 SKI BASE and Speedflying

Thailand BASE jumping

Malaysia BASE Jumping

China BASE jumping

Wingsuit Racing Intel Commercial

Back in the Saddle

This is Notch. Utah terminal wall where we get to fly!

A fun weekend in fall 2011 in and around Utah!

Norway BASE jumping 2010

Here is me doing a giant backflip 🙂

This is our local SkiBASE

NBC World of Adventure Sports- Part 1

NBC World of Adventure Sports- Part 2

Compilation from Red Bull Cold Rush 2010

This next one is when I was a stunt double for this Japanese Band in their music video. All the skiing and BASE jumping is done by me. Hillarious.

Here is another stunt job I did- This time for a Russian Oil Company, Rosneft, who is the main sponsor for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

This is a little edit I put together of some fun BASE jumping footage in Switzerland and around Utah from a couple summers ago

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