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Devour Jerky C.A.O. Promotional/Content Creation tour

Devour Jerky "Chief Adventure Officer" Cross-Canada Tour. Roles: Project coordinator, influencer/athlete, photographer/videographer, logistics and planning, assistant. Working in tandem with the C.A.O. Braden Dean Creating unique brand-integrated adventure photo and video content for the brand while journeying across Canada. Client: Maple Leaf Foods, and worked directly with Mosaic Marketing


Springtime goodies. Treat yourself on your next adventure.

As I'm procrastinating on packing (packing up all my belongings into cardboard boxes... not packing parachutes- unfortunately) as we have to move out of our suite in the next couple weeks. But, instead- I've been online shopping and wanted to share some of my recent faves. Some colorful essentials for the spring, just for you-… Continue reading Springtime goodies. Treat yourself on your next adventure.

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People watching and cross training.

  So, right now I'm sitting in a Starbucks (one of the three in the Whistler Village stroll...) cranking away on my computer watching the parade of tourists stumbling around on the cobblestone and it's making me seriously consider a "how to carry your skis properly" tutorial. It's amazing how difficult some people make it.… Continue reading People watching and cross training.


Aizhai Bridge Jumping Festival, Aizhai China

I have never been to China before- had a tease last year when a similar event was planned and I was invited, but then was cancelled last minute. So this time, when I started getting a string of emails with official invitations from the Hunan Government I was hopeful it would actually happen this time.… Continue reading Aizhai Bridge Jumping Festival, Aizhai China


New Chapter- Whistler, BC

Last month I packed up my life into my X-Terra and and Uhaul, (with much difficulty, but it's great to simplify a little) and started driving north. It was a hard decision leaving my home base of Salt Lake City- and a bit  but the way I see things, it will always be my home.… Continue reading New Chapter- Whistler, BC


Wingsuiting in Hawaii

A few weeks ago I got to go to Hawaii with a world class lineup of athletes to shoot an online campaign for a new processor/technology that Intel has has recently released. The trip was a whirlwind, with the emphasis on wind... definitely challenging as it seemed like everything was working against us, we literally… Continue reading Wingsuiting in Hawaii