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  1. Hi Suzanne. We’ve never met. I’m an aspiring ski BASE jumper, so I decided to do some reasearch to see who else is doing it that I could learn from. I am pleased to find out about you and discover that you are getting out there, doing amazing things!
    I am completely at home doing extreme sports like climbing and skiing, but I have also found that they are sports that are still mainly dominated by -you got it- men. We need to change that real quick, and the new movie Say My Name is just what the doctor ordered. I love that you ladies are empowering other women to get out there, and I want to help!

    I am saving up to take an AFF course through Skydive New England here in Maine (I’m an east-coaster, at least for the moment). I have a lot to learn before my first ski BASE jump, and would welcome any encouraging words of wisdom from your end. How long have you been jumping? When did you begin to pursue your USPA “A” license? How long did it take you to push through it? Are you a master jumper? When did you begin to BASE jump? How long did it take to get to the jumping level you’re at? Are you loving the wingsuit? I wish I had had the sense (or perhaps lack thereof? haha) to get started with this when I was in my early 20s. You kick butt, girl! Feel free to reply or hit me up on Facebook when you get a chance… let’s be friends! 🙂


  2. Dear Suz,

    I’d like to personally get in touch with you as I’m in the process of wrestling with a ‘demon’ in my thoughts that I want to conquer…. You make me hope that it is indeed possible. It is about heights stemming from an almost life ending series of traumatic experiences in my childhood …. Do you have any recommendations re books and training manuals on BASE jumping? You are awe-inspiring.

    Currently based in Thailand.

    Hope you could reply to me.


  3. hey ^_^ iam trying to get in touch with u on ur email but i just cant find it can u please send me ur email on my email i wana book with u about some trips i wana know if u lead such things ?

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