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Winging It with Edge TV

This past summer Braden Dean and I produced our first series together, partnered with EdgeTV– called Winging It. Season 1 follows us from California, to Norway, through Italy and Switzerland as we train and fly wingsuits in some of the most beautiful places on earth. Stay tuned for a release each Wednesday through February 2017!

Click here for Episode 1

Click here for Episode 2

Winging it Trailer:


EDGEtv Funds Pro Skier Suz Graham and Pro Snowboarder Braden Dean as They Push Their Limits into The Sky with A Wing-Suit Jumping World Tour

For Immediate Release:
(Los Angeles) (DATE)— Pro skier Suz Graham and Pro Snowboarder Braden Dean bonded over a shared passion for BASE jumping and wingsuit flying. Online entertainment platform EDGEtv, has partnered with them to capture their adventures to date in “Winging It”, an original series cataloging their adventures in the air and on the ground.

The five-episode series is created and produced by EDGEtv. How does one decide to become a BASE Jumper? “Winging It” follows leading social media influencers Braden Dean, Suz Graham and features Anton Andersson, Eddie Hicks, and Jay Driscol on their exhilarating BASE jumping (wingsuit flying) explorations from such thrilling locations as Whistler, BC, Lodi, Norway, Switzerland and Italy.

“Braden Dean and Suz Graham are two of the most outstanding millennial adventurers out there,” Ian Woods, President, EDGEtv. “We selected these two because we believe they’re ideal EDGEtv production partners. Braden and Suz are top social media influencers whose own stories transform into unique original authentic content for us. This is a reflection of our commitment to creating and cultivating influencer generated productions which ultimately result into a ‘Team EDGEtv’ original series.”

“Winging It” will premiere starting February 1st and weekly thereafter on EDGEtv, both online and on its OTT, Free network, distributed by Roku and Amazon Fire.
The new series is EDGEtv’s second original production. EDGEtv recently announced the premiere of its first original production “Seeking Nirvana” a collaborative series featuring Riley Leboe, Joe Schuster, Mike Henitiuk, and Matt Margetts, four popular Instagram influencers who leave their hometown for the Canadian Rockies and documented their amazing story.

About EDGEtv:
Launched in 2016, EDGEtv is the digital entertainment destination committed to
providing content “For Millennials by Millennials”, a cord cutting television alternative for the tastemakers and influencers who make up today’s “Millennial Generation.” EDGEtv provides programming that seeks to motivate and energize social activity, engagement, and change. EDGEtv offers a wide selection of shows to include music, extreme sports, travel/adventure and original content. EDGEtv is currently found everywhere via and on Roku TV and Amazon Fire platforms. Making it accessible everywhere on the web and on over 15+million devices. EdgeTv was founded by a team that has been responsible for the content and launch of multiple US and global channels dedicated to Action Sports, Music and Outdoor Content.

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