Deep Winter Photo Challenge 2014

Last week I was involved in the Whistler Blackcomb Deep Winter Photo Challenge– which is a competition where 6 invited photographers and their chosen athlete teams have 4 days to shoot, compose, and edit a 3-5 slideshow set to music that showcases skiing and snowboarding and the lifestyle that accompanies in the “deep winter-” and it all has to be shot inbounds at Whistler Blackcomb.

I was on photographer Jason Hummel‘s team along with athletes Liz Daley, Holly Walker, and Casey Lucas. These three women are AMAZING- I love being inspired by other women out there that are really excelling at their sports, and so much fun to hang out with as well. We all worked together as a team under really challenging conditions and I’m proud of what we all collectively came up with.

Despite a lack of snow, and challenging light conditions we were able to shoot some pretty epic ski shots as well as a pretty cool concept! Here is our 3rd place video- let me know what you think!


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