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ESPN Article + a little soapy

Last week I had the pleasure to chat with ESPN via skype-interview- always stoked to have the opportunity to chat with Mike Rogge and am honored to be featured in the Outsider’s series.

Check out the interview here- 


My thoughts: The media likes statistics, and numbers, and records, you know, quantitative data. And while as far as I know I am currently the only girl out there who actively performs ski-BASE jumps, I’m not the first- nor the only. I think it’s important to point out that the true pioneer is Karina Hollekim– who also happens to me one of my biggest role models, and sources of inspiration. She was the first woman to ever ski off a cliff with a parachute- I remember watching a ski movie where she did her first ski-BASE with Shane McConkey, and that was the lightbulb I needed that switched my perception from seeing  BASE jumping as something superheros do to something that I could… and I would… do. It turned a fantasy into a goal and I can never thank her enough for that. Karina was in a bad skydiving accident in 2006 and no longer BASE jumps, but still rips skiing and she continues to be an inspiration to people all over the world including me.

It’s not a “title” I really care about. While it’s amazing being part of something that is so progressive and new, I don’t like making a big deal out of it, like holding on to some sort of record. What is exciting though and what I really am passionate about is being on the forefront of progressing female participation in action sports. This is my soap box but I want girls to realize it’s possible and accessible- the male-dominated extreme sports world can be extremely intimidating and it does come with a gamut of challenges and obstacles, but it sure is fun, and if you want do anything from backflipping a dirt bike, towing into a big wave, skating the bowl at your local skatepark, or if somehow you think it’s a good idea to ski off a cliff with a parachute on your back…. (yikes)- you CAN, and you SHOULD. Make a goal, it takes time and it isn’t easy, but anything is possible. I really believe that.

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