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People watching and cross training.


So, right now I’m sitting in a Starbucks (one of the three in the Whistler Village stroll…) cranking away on my computer watching the parade of tourists stumbling around on the cobblestone and it’s making me seriously consider a “how to carry your skis properly” tutorial. It’s amazing how difficult some people make it.

I want to introduce you to my newest obsession in Whistler. The Core! It’s a super cool indoor climbing gym, with tons of other cardio equipment, free weights, and machines- along with a great fitness studio with yoga classes, spin classes, you name it. I went to a really great yoga class this morning and will be there again this evening to hit up the climbing wall for a monday-night-lady-date with my awesome friend Holly Walker. (you should probably check her page out, she’s RADical with a capital rad.) I love winter indoor climbing, and am just getting back into it… hellooooooo forearms!!! But it is the greatest cross-training for skiing/boarding, keeps your balance on check and core strong, and plus it’s fun and social! Unless you don’t want it to be… then you just plug your headphones in and boulder away… it’s therapeutic. If you are in town ever, check it out.


Also, the other day I did a phone interview with the boys over at Wenger, and they just posted my interview with some cool photos on their blog! Check it out here. 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 3.20.19 PM


Allright, back on track. I’m in the process of planning the next few months of my life- starting with a Fischer team trip to Great Northern Powder Guides in Montana next week! I’m stoked.

ps. It’s Gay Ski Week in Whistler and they are giving out free cotton candy in the village. Awesome.

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