Friday things.

Hi friends!

-quickly- I gotta say it, you guys are AMAZING. My last post  I asked for some advice on what you would want to see from a blog like mine. I was blown away by some comments that were so well thought out and wonderful. Can’t express my gratitude enough! And, sorry about the spastic blog changes constantly. I’m finally working with someone who actuallyknowswhattheyaredoing and expect a nice facelift for this webpage of mine. So, moving on… A few tidbits of my Friday morning.


-The ultimate juxtaposition is happening outside my big living room windows right now. There is 2 feet of snow on my deck, the sun is shining, brightly, and it’s pouring rain. Very weird. Also, I was awakened last night by the sound of the world ending… you know, big deafening boom, crash, earthquake-like-shaking… turns out it was just the snow sliding off our roof. Scared the shiznit out of me.


-I loved reading this story by my friend Chris Santacroce about him dropping his iPhone out of his paraglider from 2000 feet the other day. – worth a read for sure. This photo of evidence of a critter coming and checking out what had just fallen out of the sky made me laugh out loud-


-I drove down to Vancouver yesterday for an audition to be a cross country skier for a print ad- (as you can see… times are tough) They had me walk in wearing ski clothes, took a photo of me, and I was dismissed. Literally took 25 seconds. I don’t think I got the part… But the trip was not a waste! I took some time and wandered around downtown Van, after tons of walking and lots of scoping out how to get on top of various tall buildings and structures that I’d really like to parachute off of sometime soon, I was tired and over it, found my car (yes, I had to ping where I parked on my googlemaps and I’m sooo glad I did…) and hungrily and grumpily started the drive home. But, as girls (and cats) do, I got distracted by lots of twinkly lights, and detoured before I got back on the highway. There, in this magical little hidden shopping street (you will NEVER hear me say that again) was, a WHOLE FOODS!!!- I didn’t even know those existed in Canada, and along with it a huge David’s Tea- my favorite place everrr, a cupcake shop, a Lululemon, a book store, and loads of cute little local shops, along with *free parking* and TONS of twinkly lights, and it wasn’t crowded at all. It was magical. I have never been so excited about a shopping center… maybe it’s because I live in Whistler, where things are 8 times more expensive, especially the little natural foods stores, and let’s be honest- I love Whole Foods and would go there probably 5x a week when I lived in Utah. Yeah yeah it’s a big chain and probably overpriced and too trendy, whatever, I don’t care. I love it. I haven’t been able to find bottled Kombucha anywhere either! I stocked up.   -cue end me talking about shopping… what have I become?

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 11.42.24 AM


-This is Mo, my roommate Sonja’s pup. She’s outta town for a ski competition so I’ve been taking care of the big guy. He’s currently giving me the staredown so I’ll take him on a walk then go ski off some park jumps! It’s a beautiful day!


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