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A simple question. And unless my blog stats page is lying to me, there are more than 3 people who read this blog (To those that do, thank you- !!) But I do know that sporadic posting and a general non-theme is not exactly the key to a successful internet presence. So I’m trying to improve. I genuinely want to share, chat, vent, display, etc to the world wide web but sometimes just lack some direction.

Ahhh… there’s that phrase again, “lacking direction” I’ve heard this a million times once or twice before ….

And sometimes I feel myself spread a little thin between it all, you know, the social-media-ing. But really, if I cut down my facebook stalking time down by like 20% I would have more time than I know what to do with. So, operation blog commence.

So, back to my question. What do YOU… yeah, YOU, want to read about? What do you want to see shared? What don’t you care about and what do you like? What kind of movies do you watch and what’s your astrological sign? Wait… stop… I’ve gotten off track again.

I’d like to hear opinions, but, if you don’t share… that’s okay too. But don’t blame me when I post a BASE jumping video followed by a cupcake recipe followed by photos of baby animals then some really gross surgery footage of mine. (p.s. have I shown you that yet?! It’s awesome.)

16 thoughts on “A question”

  1. dude,

    gotta say that’s the 1st time I’ve read your blog but that’s not to say I don’t follow your facebook exploits with a massive respect and not a little bit of jealousy at all the rad stuff your out there doing whilst I’m stuck in the uni library!

    I’d be happy seeing all the stuff you get up to be it base jumpin’ or cup-caking! I’m sure you do them both equally awesomely and would be an example of how these things should be done! you’re such an interesting and exciting person that anything you do would be sure to excite!

    I’d love to hear about your top ten sporting moments, what made you the most scared, excited, happy or thinkin; you’ve made a bad choice. I guess, after all, you’re human like the rest of us!

    All the best man,
    Gemini! x

    1. Alex, thank you so much for your response! I love the top ten idea, that’s an awesome topic for a blog post that I will use for sure! I’m writing this all down. 🙂 Thanks for the love!


    1. It doesn’t show who reads the blog just number of visitors. I also see search terms that lead people to my blog which can be…. interesting….

  2. Suz,

    I grant you that the whole social media circus is a very tight row to hoe, but since you asked, I’ll bite. I’ll also preface my comments with the fact that I’m a crotchety old guy (38 last friday…*sigh*), so maybe I’m a bit beyond the current. However (and there’s always an however), here are a few thoughts.

    – in whatever forum, balance what you do with who you are and what you’re about. Fans love watching video of your latest BASE jump, but, at least personally, I like hearing about *why* you do it (beyond the “it’s a rush” sentiment). See most anything written written by Maurice Herzog, Rheinhold Messner, Ed Viesturs, etc. I – again personally – am always fascinated by what drives adventurers.

    – Social media is just that – social – so if it’s just a one way communication, people lose interest. A good friend of mine from law school runs the travel/foodie blog http://www.legalnomads.com, and does a great job with the two-way aspect. She also speaks widely on the exact topic of your blog entry – How to create a successful online presence. Hit her up for ideas, and tell her I said hello!

    – Just because your blog and online presence doesn’t have a particular direction doesn’t mean you don’t, and if you write about your direction, it will shine through in your online presence!

    – Athletes such as yourself are seen, in some ways, as apart, as invincible, and abstract. The only way you make that real is by revealing doubt, fear, uncertainty. Not too much though. I’m not saying over-share, because that’s both maudlin and can, in some ways, pose a safety risk for you (it’s online forever, after all). Jen Hudak and Meg Olenick, in their respective blogs entries and various articles, have done a great job walking that razor’s edge.

    – Understand that people will be jealous. Not in a negative way, but envious. Who wouldn’t love to be doing what you do (or something like it – I’m not so into chucking myself off cliffs, but climbing and skiing, bring it!). So you’re bound to get some negativity; blow by it – it’s not worth the energy!

    – Humour (yeah, Canadian spelling, but you live in Whistler, so deal with it!) – If you can see the humour in your life, and show that to your readers, you’re already ahead of everyone else. In fact, emotion in general, of whatever kind (tempered, again, by guarding against over-sharing), is a big draw.

    Good luck with Operation Blog!


    1. Hi Tony,

      Wow, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your insight! As I said to another reader, I’m taking notes from you guys! I completely agree with you about giving insight into why I do the things I do instead of just showcasing the things I do. People love stories, and people like to be able to relate. I don’t expect or even want people to try and relate to the act of parachuting off a clif, per se, so I am trying to give a little more insight into mindsets, choices, struggles, and individual victories. I briefly checked out your friends blog and it’s awesome! I have bookmarked it and look forward to reading more and maybe picking her brain. I really admire other bloggers.

      THANK YOU!
      -Suz 🙂

      1. No probs, Suz. Anytime you want a ‘reader’ for a blog post, am happy to do so – you probably have my email anyhow! I write for a living, after all. As for Jodi (of legalnomads), she’s an amazing woman with immense courage ( different from yours, but try taking the trans-Siberian railway by yourself sometime) and talent, and I love her very much. I’m sure she’d be happy to share her insights – she’s like that. Look forward to reading more of your adventures!


  3. The vids, travel documentation and photos are what I’m digging. Although who knows maybe cupcakes are in my future. Keep it ripping Suz — always great stuff.

    1. Josh, you rock. You are one of those that I look up to (and always have) and am continually inspired by your media and your writing. Thanks for sticking with me! (And always being one of the first people to watch my youtube vids when they come out… I do notice these things!)

  4. I think the key to any successful blog is for the author to post frequently, to promote each post on facebook/twitter etc, to engage with folks that take the time to leave comments and to highlight other people/blogs of interest.

    As for your theme and “direction” I just think the blog should be about you and what you are enjoying about your life right now. If you made a promise to yourself right now that you would write at least one great blog post each week and you would respond to every person that left a comment and you also made an effort to occasionally promote/mention others in your niche then this blog wouldn’t just be a place for you to share stuff but also a place to communicate with others and your user-metrics would go through the roof.

    You already have plenty of truly great content that really captures the imagination of your visitors, but, as I suspect you already know, infrequent posting and lack of engagement is probably holding the blog back from reaching it’s true potential.

    1. Daniel,

      Okay, you, and everyone else that has commented has motivated me to start a regular posting schedule, especially now that I know people are out there! I appreciate your comment more than you know!!! I’m so happy you say that the “theme” is more just whatever I want it to be at the moment. I’d like to do that but have previously been kind of stuck on the idea that it needs to be more organized than that, but I agree the important thing here is posting more. I will definitely make an effort to kick up the engagement too!

      Thanks again. You rock.


  5. I love all your post and cool videos, keeps me busy at work. Also really like when you sing karaoke, like call me maybe, do more of that 😉 ❤

    1. Ha! Only if you sing karaoke with me this time. You can play the guitar as well and we will do a duet. And it will be amazing.

  6. -Hey Suz I must say I’m one of your newly acquired fans. Whilst cruising around youtube I stumbled upon a certain girl with dirty blonde hair, a protech classic skate helmet and black rimmed sunglasses with grey blue chrome lenses doing a long slow backsee off of the Menara KL Tower and I was instantly hooked. And that’s where it started with the love of all your videos, from my personal favorite the Malaysia BASE jump(awesome) to the actual gopro footage(via-drcharleymarshall) of your leg surgery, which was Tarantino gory and unexpected(when I think surgery I think delicate and finesse not *get the slide hammer we gotta get this thing outta there* haha). Soooo I decided to find out more about this unique woman with a lust for doing what she loves no matter the cost, In the hopes of finding inspiration and guidance. That led me to your wonderful website complete with blog which I am currently reading from first post to last, truly epic stuff. And all I can say is keep laughing, smiling and being awe-inspiring. Your website is a great way for everyone to not only watch your amazing videos and see your marvelous pictures, but read about how they came to be. The trials and tribulations, the ups and downs it takes to live a truly astonishing life. And that’s whats great about your blog and life in general is it contains everything from BASE jumps to cupcake recipes. To be a true “lover of life” one must appreciate the little things. While you may be one of a kind I know that you can inspire others to live out their passions. You are an inspiration, you have great courage and passion. I am not jealous nor envious, but proud. You are a shining light that has reinforced my faith that people are awesome, that I am awesome. And all it takes is an ordinary kid with dreams and aspirations to stumble across a person like you to push them to become extraordinary and live out there passions… You are a remarkable woman, keep it up.

    Best regards, Jason.

    1. Jason,

      Wow… I’m speechless! And teary-eyed… I can’t even begin to say how much your words mean to me.

      If I could have one wish in this life it would be to be able to inspire others to live out their passions and dreams. To inspire people to believe.

      It’s people like you, comments like yours, that motivate me, and keep me going, too.

      So thank you, Jason, from the bottom of my heart for your words and your inspiration.

      Much love- Suz xx

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