Doglotion Interview

Okay okay okay, I’m getting really terrible at blogging. In the middle of all this insta-tweek-bookface-socialgramtube world I often find myself not taking enough time to get a little wordy and put on my writing cap. #whirlwind …wait I don’t think a hashtag is appropriate here. Ehhhhh forget it, it all goes to the same place anyway.

So here is just a shorty, I got to do an interview with Doglotion.com, a trusted freeskiing web magazine that I’ve followed ever since I was a young pup. So I was super stoked when I got to jabber on about this and that for them! Take a minute to check it out and get some insight into this little head of mine.

Click here for my full interview! http://www.doglotion.com/essays/base-jumps-and-wolf-packs-suz-graham-interview


Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 6.05.52 PM

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