Fall in Utah, turning 26, Malaysia Video and World Record

Hey all! The past few weeks have been awesome. I really can never stay put in once place for very long. I got back from my epic Asian-adventure and spent a whole week and a half in Whistler until I packed up the car again and headed south. Whistler is rad, but fall is notoriously rainy and well, fall in Utah is notoriously awesome. Plus I needed to take care of some business down here getting ready for the ski season, I still consider utah my home. I just have a few homes now. And it just so happens the Canadian home offers me free health insurance too. Woot!

So I drove to Utah. Got a speeding ticket in Oregon, (jerks!) did some jumps off the Perrine bridge in Twin Falls, and showed up in Salt Lake just in time to celebrate my 26th birthday.

25 was a crazy year for me, like, really crazy. I had lots of highs and a few not-so-highs. We can just say a rollercoaster would be a vast understatement. Let’s see… I was picked up by Five Ten, which has been one of my favorite partnerships/sponsorships yet. I slid off the road in Silverton and rolled my car into a river , landing upside down and having to crawl/swim out the window- totaling my outback and destroying everything that was in the car… I went to Thailand for a BASE jumping filming project (the first time that year), skied a lot of ice in Utah, finally got to go up to Canada and begin a month of filming in interior BC, but then had by far the worst skiing accident of my life and honestly don’t know how I survived, breaking my leg and body and ending my season on February 14th, had to have my surgery re-done 2 weeks later because of complications and had the longest road of healing I hope I ever have to experience. I worked as a baker/pastry chef in a gelato shop in the mean time. I love to bake… 3 Months later I was able to go base jumping. I rehabbed some more. I went road biking, a lot. There were a couple months there that riding my bike felt better than walking so that’s all I did. Then I got to go to Hawaii to film a commercial for Intel Inside, and got to fly my wingsuit through puffy clouds over the islands. Later in the summer I made a very big and very hard decision to Move to Whistler, British Columbia where I fell in love with DH biking. I then went on a 5 week long trek across Asia to China, Malaysia, and Thailand. And now here I am. One year older, a hell of a lot wiser and more experienced, lost some good friends to the sky and made new lifelong friends. Cheers to 26. The adventure continues and let’s hope I don’t have any more near-death experiences this time… 😀

This photo is of me in Thailand, I was lucky enough to go to TonSai, one of my favorite places on earth twice this year. I tried to find one photo that sums up the past year and this is it. This is me, happy, on the front of a longboat, barefoot. Check out my mutilated leg, that’s what happens when you try and break it off by skiing into a rock wall. But look how happy I still am. Happy as a clam. And so so excited to see where I get to go next. 😉

Now… kicking it off with a bang. I’ve been editing and editing and editing. A big project of mine this year is to document document document. I’m going to be coming out with self-produced edits every two weeks. You can expect to see a myriad of things, base jumping, skiing, speedflying, me trying to make friends in a new town, the odd other things I do, and just what I’m up to. I really hope it’s a success and hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew! (I probably have, I usually do… but I kinda like it that way.) So you can subscribe to me on youtube if you like and hopefully I can entertain a few people out there. I’ll try not to be annoying. I love feedback too. So speak up!

Speaking of which, I just released my second edit of my Asia-series… a fun, happy edit of my friends and I jumping off the KL tower in Malaysia. Also in there is the Women’s World Record I was part of.

3 thoughts on “Fall in Utah, turning 26, Malaysia Video and World Record”

  1. Suzanne Graham! You are crazy!! 🙂 I can’t believe you jump off of those things like it’s nothing! It looks SOO fun and so amazing! Love the blog post, thanks for sharing!

  2. YOU are amazing! Happy 26th! I went to the Single’s Ward in Salt Lake City and heard you give a talk. Life changing. Hope you stay safe and have more amazing adventures!

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