Malaysia- KL BASE jump 2012

So, after my trip to China– All the other jumpers went their separate ways- sad to say goodbye to old and new friends as they departed for their homes in Russia, Chile, Norway, Sweden, Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia, (you get the picture) until the next time we get to meet up again in a different place near a different object that we get to fall off of. (It’s a weird sport when you think about it…) So I spent a few days by myself exploring more of China, had a long layover in Guangzhou where I treated myself to a nice hotel room since I knew I was about to be sharing rooms with lots of people (I travel with my thermarest for this reason) and my five-star hotel rooms ended when someone else stopped footing the bill. I took some time off to sleep in, do some shopping, eat more crazy food, and just be on my own. I know I’ve said this time and time again but there is something I just absolutely love about traveling alone. Being with friends and family of course is amazing and I love sharing experiences with loved ones- but there is something about being able to jump on a bus and not know where it’s taking you- or booking your plane tickets at midnight the night before you leave- just the fact that you can do anything and go anywhere, that is just so liberating, exhilarating, and highly addictive. (p.s, every single plane ticket on this trip was purchased literally the day before. And it worked out beautifully.)

Anyway, I finally found my way to Malaysia and arrived in Kuala Lumpur where I then met yet another, much larger, group of rowdy BASE jumpers all chomping at the bit to jump off this gleaming jewel of a building that sparkled at night and stood tall above the entire city. The Menara KL Tower. A quick background, every year select BASE jumpers from around the world are invited to come jump off the KL tower for a 4-day celebration and demonstration for the public and media of BASE jumping including 2 nights of jumping. I have attended the event in the past, (here is my blog post from 2008) so I was super excited to come back as a more experienced jumper this time and get to really have fun with the glorious 1200 feet of altitude!


I’ll let the photos speak for themselves now- Oh but one more thing! This year there were so many jumpers (about 90) and just so happened to have ten women! Yeah, ten female base jumpers all in one place. Crazy! So we decided to not miss out on this opportunity and realized that if we all jumped together on a jump, it would be a new world record of the most women jumping together at once! So, with tons of help and planning by Douggs (a longtime hero, legend, and good friend) we mapped it all out how we would all jump safely together. It’s a complicated and dangerous thing because you have to take into account opening altitude, delays, canopy traffic, etc- and involves a lot of trust with the other girls on the load. So we had a plan, went over it multiple times, put on matching pink t-shirts (because we are girls, duh) and sent it! It worked out beautifully and everyone did their job. I am so happy was able to be a part of this historic jump and can’t wait to be on the next one where be break this one! I love jumping with other girls, it doesn’t happen very often so it’s a treat when it does.



Opa Gangam Style! Dance party that spontaneously broke out. Awesome.



My Malaysia edit is dropping TOMORROW!!! And then I will start working on part 3 of blog post and video, THAILAND!


Oh, and on a completely unrelated note… This is outside my bedroom window a couple days ago. The first snow!!!! Best thing to wake up to EVER!

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