New Chapter- Whistler, BC

Last month I packed up my life into my X-Terra and and Uhaul, (with much difficulty, but it’s great to simplify a little) and started driving north. It was a hard decision leaving my home base of Salt Lake City- and a bit  but the way I see things, it will always be my home. But my mind needed a change, my world needed to be shaken up, new surroundings and experiences produce a fresh outlook and revamped creativity- exactly what I need. I’ve been wanting to move to BC for a long time now, to take advantage of the vast mountain ranges, towering cliffs, pillowy snow, and also to take advantage of my Canadian citizenship. I figured it’s now or never- so why not?

So here I am, in Whistler, British Columbia and I’m stoked. Not free from challenges, heartache from not being able to see my parents and loved ones regularly stings, but it also makes me value them even more. Missing my familiar faces, trails, foods, and coffee shops- and things that don’t exist here like 4G, spotify, and redbox- is all lightened when I go to sleep every night listening to the river and waking up to the mountains 20 seconds away instead of 20 minutes away. But I’m still afraid of the bears.

And oh. The biking. OH the biking!!! Don’t know what to say other than it feels like skiing and I don’t know why I didn’t get more into it earlier. Until now biking for me has meant the occasional suffer-fest on long slogs that usually result in a series of extremely painful slow motion crashes where things happen like me taking a handlebar-end directly to the jugular. Not even exaggerating. But I’ve found my niche and I foresee a long and fruitful relationship with the world of DH biking. (sidenote… why do all the funnest things also have to be the most hazardous? C’est la vie)

The BASE jumping up here is really interesting and I’m stoked to explore these new mountains! I jumped off the Chief in Squamish a couple weeks ago which has been on my list for a while now. And I already have my eye on a couple cliffs that to my knowledge have never been jumped. The skiBASE opportunities up here are insane too. I’m super excited for winter!!! I have a perfect view of the peak2peak gondola from my window that I have been drooling over since Shane and Miles got to jump it right after it was built- hmmm.
So here I am! Whistler.

And I put together a fun edit of hot air balloon jump I got to do recently. Would love if you would watch and share! And be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube!

Some recent photos 🙂

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