Fischer Team Trip, Monashee Powder Snowcats

Here is a cool edit of the Fischer International team trip we took to the Monashee Powder Snowcats, in British Columbia. The operation up there is really fantastic, an amazing little lodge in the middle of nowhere that is completely self-sustained, they draw their energy from the river, heat the place, water, (and hot tubs!) with a big wood burning stove, and all the meals are healthy and local. Aside from all that, the skiing and the terrain blew my mind, just a short cat ride away you can access some really big lines and amazing features. The nice thing t00 about snowcats vs helicopters is you can ski even when it’s storming! Unfortunately on just day two of our trip up there I wrecked myself and had to spend the rest of the trip in a hospital. 😦 I’ll be back for sure though very soon!

The best (or worst… you decide) part about this video is about half way through you get to see me explode myself, and my leg.

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