Pain McSchlonkey Classic 2012

This past weekend in Squaw Valley USA the 2nd annual PMS, PainMcSchlonkey Invitational was held. It’s a tribute event to Shane McConkey, the greatest and most influential skier/BASE jumper/person to ever have lived- the event is a full on snowblade Chineese-Downhill and “small mountain” extreme comp. If you don’t know what either of those are… you are going to have to just watch the videos. Last year, I won the coveted golden saucer by winning the Chinese Downhill, which was TERRIFYING, by the way… But this year I got the invitation to come judge the madness since I’m not in prime snowlerblade form yet. Unfortunately my phone/camera died and someone forgot their charger, so here are photos from the first 4 hours of the weekend and photos I stole from other people of the gala. 🙂

In other news, my rehab is going great! I am 4 weeks out of surgery today and walking on my own! I’m still a little beat up with some broken ribs still inhibiting me working out too hard but I’m spinning on a bike and super pumped to start really whipping myself back into shape. Skiing is my passion, and since I can’t ski right now, rehabbing my leg so I can ski stronger and harder is my passion right now. Bring. It. On.

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