Seth Morrison is my Hero.

…always has been!

The 40 Year Anniversary issue of Powder Magazine came out on newsstands a couple days ago- and I’m thrilled to be listed as the “influential  skier” who was influenced by the one and only Seth Morrison. If you get a chance, you should pick up the issue, it’s a keeper for sure, on newstands now!

2 thoughts on “Seth Morrison is my Hero.”

  1. Just discovering your blog now after seeing a video of your wicked crash a few months ago. Just had to comment because Seth is my hero too. Never seen anyone as comfortable in the air as he is. My room was plastered with posters of him as well (still have the a signed one hanging on the wall, actually), and skiing with him at High North when I was in middle school was an absolute dream come true. I’m sure you’ve met him as well, but I was also blown away by how low key and genuine he is in person. Truly an inspiration in more ways than one.

    But I prefer Lincoln loops to backflips for some reason, so clearly you win most-dedicated fan. 😉

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