Oh hey there


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in my world. It started out with a mini BASE safari with the GoPro Bomb Squad working on getting some footage with their new GoPro Hero 2 camera that was just announced today- (“BASE safari” = road tripping for the sole purpose of jumping as much as possible, off anything and everything) This week was unreal. In literally a couple days I got to: climb under bridges, jump off bridges, fall out of a hot air balloon, hang from the skids of a helicopter, watch the sun set while speedflying, and hike and jump some local cliffs. It was literally non stop fun and once again my life felt like it was something totally made up. (I really love it when my life feels like a cartoon… which is a lot lately)

The balloon waking up at sunrise

The heli at our own personal little DZ

Mmmmmm GoPros! Camera candy.

Here is the new video GoPro just came out with- all filmed with the new GoPro 2, and a good amount of footage shows is ours from that week! This new camera is sweet by the way. Fantastic picture, and the colors pop so much more. It’s great in lower light and has an easier to use interface than the previous model. Among many other awesome new features.

Then I took off to California to see some friends, get some beach time in, and spend some good quality time with my family! We are all pretty spread out and I don’t see everyone nearly enough so it was great to have everyone together.

Not to mention my adorable nephews and nieces!

Now, the original plan was to be heading to Thailand in 2 days to do some filming for a TV show. Then heading straight to China where the government had invited a handful of BASE jumpers to come jump off a bridge for it’s grand opening. Then staying in the area for a filming project. I received a stamped invite from the Chinese government and had sent my passport to Washington DC for my Chinese visa. The next day I get an email stating it’s been cancelled/postponed as the bridge’s construction was not on schedule and the transportation officials pulled the event. So now it’s supposedly in May. Bummer, never been to China. But it’s all right, I’ll just kick in in Thailand- and another opportunity came up to do some extra filming and jumping and climbing. Cool! Today, I’m packing and settling some last minute details for my month long trip to Asia in like 36 hours and I get the call… bam… nope! Again! Postponed. It’s a long story as to why, but it has to do with polygamists… for real… Anyway. Plane tickets have been moved to the end of November through December now. Welcome to my life. This is why I have an overwhelming fear of commitment hate to plan things. Great, now I’m all discombobulated. C’est la vie.

Okay… so what now? I have a whole month free. It’s exciting, really… I have some tricks up my sleeve, we’ll see how well they work out. But I’m in the mood for an adventure.

At least I got some fresh new kicks! Just in time! Again, so psyched on my newest sponsor Five Ten and the care package I got in the mail a couple days ago. Foot candy. ( <—???)

And a random note. I’ve been pondering this question a lot lately. I think it’s a fantastic way to shape goals in life- to give you some sort of direction. And I truly believe nothing is out of reach, no matter how crazy or impossible it may seem at the time.

“What if you woke up tomorrow and you could be anything you wanted to be, do anything you want to do, what would you become? What would you do?”

2 thoughts on “Oh hey there”

  1. Awesome pics! And wow on the new video too. So sweet! We had so much fun with ya in CA 🙂 And What! Trip cancelled? What a major bummer, At least you’ll get there later to enjoy the tropics in the winter. So maybe a trip to NYC in the near future?

  2. Great post Suzanne! It is fun to vicariously live your life. On a personal note, your random note really made me ponder what it is I want to do when I grow up . . . or in other words, when I put on my big girl pants! It will be fun to see you at the reunion!

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