Five Ten!

Greetings! I am really happy to announce my new sponsor, Five Ten, to the list of the outstanding companies I choose to represent in my daily life. I’ve said it before, but I hand pick the best gear out there, it’s more than a sponsorship, it’s the gear that I depend on every day and literally trust with my life. That’s why I’m so stoked to be embarking on a new partnership with Five Ten for all my footwear. They make the best climbing/hiking/jumping shoes out there, super bomber. Not to mention the company’s slogan is “The Brand of the Brave.”


From the Five Ten Site- “One of the most accomplished professional freeskiers and BASE jumpers in the world, Suz Graham is truly the Brand of the Brave™. As the top female ski-BASE jumper in the world, Graham ups the stakes for the World’s Greatest Athletes™. The Utah-based Graham has been featured in Skiing, Powder, and Freeskier Magazine, and has won multiple titles in extreme skiing and BASE competitions. Says Five Ten president, Charles Cole, “Graham is the best all-around female adventure athlete we’ve seen in years. With her ability in BASE, speedflying, big-mountain skiing and climbing, Suz is one of the most versatile and progressive female action sports athletes in the world.”

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