Where I’ve been

Hi friends!

So yeah, about those big changes coming to the website… Still working on that one and trying to avoid paying someone tons of money for the extremely simple layout I want. So if you know anyone…..

And just a note… I am abroad and just using my iPad. However I am unable to upload photos onto wordpress. Any tips? I hope to figure it out soon, but I apologize for the lack of pretty pictures on this one. (thanks seo, got it!) but they are all at the bottom of the post for this one. Too lazy to fix it 🙂

Anywho. Lots has happened recently in my life and I’m going to attempt to fill you in, but of course, I’ll use minimal details and forget half of it. 😉

Winter was awesome, and winter continued alllll the way through spring. In fact it is still pretending like its January in Utah. But I’m not there and I’ll tell you about that in a minute. A little while ago I got to ski base the hellgate cliff across the street from Alta. Let me take you back 4 years or so, I was standing in the snowbird parking lot, on the phone with Jesse Hall who was currently standing on top of hell gate, with Max Kuszaj- they were filming for a warren miller movie at the time. He asked me “so what trick should I do? A front flip or a double backflip?” i think I just giggled because I had never seen a base jump live before and I was both giddy and nervous to even watch. “ok, double backflip it is” Jesse said. Moments later I witnessed both Jesse and max send hell gate beautifully. That jump has been forever engrained in my head and every time I’ve driven up little cottonwood canyon I stare at the cliff wondering if I’ll ever hit it. It’s not a g rated base jump by any means, as just getting to the cliff is extremely dangerous let alone the positive wall that you have to clear with a great deal of speed exiting the jump.

Anyway, about a month ago I got the chance to hit it as my friends Jesse Hall, Marshall Miller, and Erik Roner had built the jump so well and so close to the ideal exit, there will never be better or safer conditions to ski off the thing. Plus, the Nitro Circus was in town and i got the invite to come along and do some filming for their movie coming out next year. So I got to hit it twice and on the second day I even got to enjoy a heli bump to the top, skipping the 1.5 hour hike in. Awesome! I was so happy to have been able to ski base that cliff, it’s something I have thought about for while. Super cool couple of days in my book!

What else? I got some amazing skiing in as it never stopped snowing in Utah, still hasn’t. I was invited to the annual Pain McShlonkey event, where i won the coveted golden saucer by winning the snowblade chineese downhill. (if you dont know what any of that means, google it!) And some great base jumping down south.That with climbing, mountain biking, more skiing, and some running put in the mix it’s been great.

Oh yeah. I quit my job too… Sorry.

Which brings me to… Where am I now? Well I am currently in my little cabina hiding from the torrential downpour happening outside in my new little world in the middle of central America. I am currently in dominical, costa rica. And for a little while at least I am studying Spanish at a school here and attempting to learn how to surf. And I’m as happy as a clam. (is that how the expression goes? Are clams extraordinarily happy? Sure.) No I’m not having some sort of crisis or running away, yes I did quit my job and bought a one way ticket… But that’s because I’m young and I can do whatever I want so there.

I will also be venturing down to South America for some ski time here in a month or two. Life is rad. And there are some really strange sounds coming from the jungle right now, it’s an animal that sounds like a cross between a car alarm and a dog barking… And I’m certain it is neither.

Now, if I can only figure out this photo thing….







3 thoughts on “Where I’ve been”

  1. Oh la la! What a fun adventure. Thanks for the update on life and where you are. We look forward to seeing more of your fun times. Stay safe! Have a blast surfing, skiing and being young because you can. 🙂 Hugs!

  2. Costa Rica .. Buen trabajo el tener el valor para comprar el billete de ida! Lo hice exactamente lo mismo cuando viajó a Asia. Me gusta la valentía y el amor por la aventura que tiene, sigue así. Me encontré a mi coraje de ser abrumadora y no tomar decisiones muy buena en algunos aspectos. Disfrute de su auto, trate de no gastar dinero, incluso si lo tiene! Tengo algunos amigos que dirigen retiros “meditación” Creo que le gustaría (sólo para los valientes), hágamelo saber si usted quiere saber más. La vida es toda una aventura increíble, si tenemos el coraje, el miedo es a la vez a un enemigo y un guía! Estoy trabajando como locos aquí en Alaska, teniendo todo en lo que pueda. Realizar las conexiones, tomar fotos como un loco! Tengo un nuevo trabajo aquí como un fotógrafo de retratos, y su haberme ayudado a llegar hacia las metas de tener finalmente una bolsa crazy sexy de las artes de cámara. Estoy explorando para alguna actividad de base de esquí en las afueras de la gama de Alaska para la tripulación, tengo un amigo aquí que es un piloto, se debieron a volar cuando el clima se vuelve azul otra vez. Estoy feliz por sus viajes y la aventura … Manténgalo rockin y por favor Mantengámonos, ya que aunque la aventura continúa en todos los frentes, en este momento mi capítulo es bastante difícil, por lo que es bueno para escuchar cuentos de la carretera. Es una inspiración para decir lo menos!
    Luz, Amor y Bendiciones

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