Rosneft skiing commercial

Still on the topic of Silverton, CO- A few months ago my friend Jesse Hall and I got another stunt-double opportunity, this time for a Russian TV commercial. The company is a very large Russian oil company, РОСНЕФТЬ, or Rosneft, who is one of the primary sponsors for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It was so much fun to film and we got to ski some really cool terrain. Not to mention we all know how much I love helicopters. (Who doesn’t!) The funniest part about the trip was when after searching for a good ski-base cliff without much success the director of the commercial wanted to try and “fake” a ski base by having Jesse jump out of a helicopter with skis on, with a cliff as a backdrop. Now, jumping out of a helicopter with skis on seems easy (does it?) but it’s most definitely extremely awkward- Can’t say I was jealous on this one!!! Another funny moment was when we had to do multiple takes trying to get the shot where we hold hands and spin around, on skis, on a steep slope, in powder. That’s not easy, nor did we even think it was possible- but that’s just how good we are.

Take a look at the final product!

This behind the scenes video is pretty funny as well.

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