Cold Rush 2011

I’m currently in Silverton, Colorado where the past week I was competing in the Red Bull Cold Rush, my favorite ski event of the year! It was so much fun and I’m so glad I got to come back after I won the event last year in Retallack, BC. Silverton is an awesome mountain and it provided a fantastic setting for the 3 day event which consists of a big mountain day, “slopestyle” day, and day of cliff hucking. I had a rougher year this year with a bit of a sore knee and the snow conditions weren’t ideal for my kind of skiing (aka… going really really big.) This year Grete Eliassen took first overall which she so deserved with her sick huge 360 off a cliff and solid slopestyle performance.

I did, however take first place on the Big Mountain day, you can ski my run here.

I had an amazing time- and I get to stick around Silverton for a few more days shooting photos with the Fischer Skis crew. ( Even though we don’t have Red Bull’s heli budget anymore.. “What?! I have to actually hike to the top of that mountain???”) I’m totally stoked. Life is good, cheers!

Here are some photos- I’ll upload my own photos and video soon! All the action photos are of yours truly. (And isn’t that Red Bull heli SICK?! okay… enough about helicopters.)

*All these images belong to Red Bull are Copyright Red Bull Photo Files

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