I got the awesome opportunity last week to film with the Warren Miller Crew in Silverton, Colorado. However, we weren’t filming for the annual ski movie, but we were filming for a Russian TV commercial! Odd, yes- but it was awesome. The company, Rostneft, is a Russian Petroleum company that is one of the biggest sponsors of the Sochi 2014 Olympics. I was skiing as a stunt double for the commercial- basically it goes like this… Two skiers (one guy and one girl) stand on top of a mountain, staring each other down. The female skier (me) drops in first and shortly afterward the guy (played by Jesse Hall) drops in right after, and we begin kind of a chase scene down the mountain where we are supposedly competing with one another- he hits a cliff trying to steal the show, I then hit a bigger cliff than he does, then he skis off a seemingly suicidal cliff then opens a parachute. (Gotta admit, kinda jealous I didn’t get to do that part… ha!) He then lands his parachute and cuts it away- I ski up and we spin in circles holding hands then magically turn into ice skaters who then skate away together.

I’ll admit- when we were filming the part where we ski really fast towards each other, grab hands and attempt to spin in circles (all being filmed by a video camera as expensive as a house attached to a helicopter) I felt, well, special… But it was a ton of fun and we did get some fantastic skiing in. It’s hillarious how I keep finding myself in these positions when I think my skiing career couldn’t get any more bizzare at times. (Um hello, Japanese Music Video?)

It was awesome spending time in Silverton! It’s an amazing place and I was blown away with the size and scape of the mountains down in southern Colorado. I’m excited to go back in March for the Red Bull Cold Rush! I even got over my fears of staying in our haunted hotel…

I don’t have too many photos to post right now, and unfortunately my Contour camera flew off my helmet and exploded in the talus when we were BASE jumping in Moab on the way back home… 😦 so all that footage is gone too! Sad face…

But here is a picture of Jesse sitting in the heli about to take off… yes he’s sitting in with skis on… yes they wanted him to jump out of the heli with skis on to “fake” a ski base… 🙂

Great trip though! We got back yesterday and I had to work at 5 AM this morning for a 10 hour vampire shift… Whew!

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