Happy New Year’s everyone!!!

I had a fantastic holiday season filled with family, friends, good food, skiing, lots of snow, and some seriously needed relaxation time! I did have a great trip a couple weeks ago to Whistler for a week with the Oakley crew and then came home to Utah to a LOT of snow! (And it’s been hammering pretty much ever since… best early season in a long time.)

Now that the whirlwind of the holidays has settled down I’m excited to be able to get in a more focused groove of skiing hard, feeling strong and motivated, and starting to put together some really cool projects and trips to come.

I’ve never been one to really make New Year’s Resolutions, but this year some things have been on my mind that I would really like to work on, so here are a few that stand out for me this year.

-Avoid saying negative things about other people or anything you wouldn’t say directly to them.

-Don’t get so stressed or worried, it doesn’t help anything!

-Eat healthier, plan meals more effectively and don’t eat out so much

-Keep a handwritten journal

-Focus on the good in people instead of finding flaws

I’m sure I’ll think of more as well, but this should be a good start. There are always my skiing goals for the year as well but that’s a whole different beast- maybe I’ll share those with you soon (or maybe as I accomplish them… 😉 )

And now for your viewing pleasure, I finally finished my edit from our trip to Norway this past August. Now keep in mind I’m no editing master, but take a look!


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