Two More

Hi! Today I’m proud to show you a couple more features I have that have come up online recently.

First off, check out an article about me on ESPN.com- It’s well done and one of my favorite interviews.


Click here for the ESPN Story!!!!



And another on skiing magazine online, I was part of an article about the “Women of Snowbird” where they sent a photographer out to take some artsy studio shots. My photo is funny and I look super intense (the photographer wouldn’t let me smile,) especially cheezy if you are a base jumper/skydiver… but whatever. 🙂


Click here for the Skiing Mag story!



Sorry for the lack of updates so recently, but I’ve transformed into a real-life vampire the past 6 weeks, (meaning I work in the middle of the night drawing blood from patients, so yeah, vampire) …so my schedule has been a little upside down.  But stay tuned my friends… I promise sometime soon I’ll finish this really cool video I’ve been saying I’m working on for the past 2 months and show you. And much more!

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