2011 Lineup, or “The SuzaGear Guide”

My server has been having some issues lately so the site has been down for a few- I really have no idea, but my awesome brother takes care of all these computer related issues I am clueless about.

So ski season is, well, HERE! Did it sneak up on everyone else as fast as it has for me?? I’ve been keeping busy sneaking up on patients in the hospital and stabbing them with needles in the middle of the night to steal their blood (quite literally, actually) so my timeline has been a little off.

Without further adieu, I would like to introduce you to my official gear lineup for the 2011 ski season- look at this as my own personal gear guide. And no, I don’t simply rock what companies merely sponsor me, I do choose the companies I represent carefully because of the quality of the gear. I am so fortunate to honestly be skiing for some of the best companies in the industry. After all, I really do live, play, and work in this gear pretty much 24/7. It HAS to be good.


The Fischer Watea 114

Let me put it this way, if I were to design one ski for myself, this would be it almost exactly. A strong, fatty with an early rise tip but stiff enough to straight line highboy and not turn into a noodle. Plus it’s so incredibly sexy with the wood topsheet. Couple these with the X17 freeride binding– and you are SET.


The Fischer Soma X-120 freeride boot

Fischer boots have a unique “SomaTech” technology, where your stance is slightly duck-footed. Toes are pointed slightly outward. You may think this is strange, but close your eyes and jump up and down a few times. Open your eyes and look at your feet, your toes will be slightly pointed out. It’s a more natural stance and gives you a little more edge transfer power. I love them!


The Oakley Elevate Goggle

FINALLY! A goggle that fits me PERFECTLY. In my opinion, Oakley is the easy leader of the goggle industry, I have always loved their goggles, but until the Elevate (new for 2011) came out I didn’t have a single goggle I could use all the time. Their women’s goggle, the Oakley Sockholm fits like a dream and wraps around my face beatifully- however not as compatible with a helmet. Then the Crowbar fits amazing, and the newer Splice is even better with a breakthrough internal frame that doesn’t pinch your nose as much. But those are a little big and I look like I’m going to tip over sometimes. Now, the Elevate combined the best of all these goggles. It’s not necessarily a woman’s goggle, but it’s a small-medium frame so it fits me so great. It has the internal frame system of the Splice that doesn’t pinch your nose and fits beautifully with helmets.

Outerwear: (While I could go on forever about all the different pieces I love, these two stand out for sure.)

Oakley Foremost Down Jacket

For the really cold days! Unlike most down jackets this jacket is durable and waterproof so you can wear it skiing. Fits great too and I LOVE the color, pictures don’t do it justice at all, it’s kind of shimmery and is darker in low lights but super bright in brighter light. LOVE it!

The Oakley Knew Lite Snow Pant

These pants fit SO well. They are really flattering and I love the skinnier fit. These are the non-insulated version of the Knew’s which I like because I like thinner, lighter pants and I find I stay warm enough with a good baselayer. But really, how cute are they??



The Hestra Seth Morrison Pro Model

and the

Henrik Windstedt Pro Model Mitten

Hestra gloves are top shelf leather gloves that will last forever and keep your hands toasty all season long. They are so high quality it’s unbelievable. I like this Seth (fingered) glove for a few main reasons. It’s a warm fingered glove- insulated and comfy without being bulky- and I love how the cuff slips underneath your jacket. Plus the colors are super rad.  Although I have insanely cold hands, ask my boyfriend who I freeze regularly as a form of torture with my ice hands, on cold days I rock the Henrik Windstedt Pro Model Mitten, (pictured below) as this is the most comfortable, warmest, and suppile mitten in the world. Again, I love the cuff, it slides on and off so easily beneath my jacket- I hate wrestling with gloves trying to get them to fit over or under a jacket cuff, it’s annoying.


The Chaos Spring Beanie

Chaos makes great hats, really cute and comfortable. Anyone who knows me knows I have a thousand beanies because I love them so much. Especially hats with pom poms!


So what else? How about some snow boots. No, I’m not sponsored by Sorel, I bought these! I am sharing them with you because I’m in love with them. They are tough and really super so very cute at the same time. Not to mention WARM and completely waterproof!

The Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Boot


What else? I’ll add more as I see fit. Sitting here thinking about ski gear has made me all riled up to go shred. ALTA OPENS FRIDAY!!!!! And it begins. 🙂



2 thoughts on “2011 Lineup, or “The SuzaGear Guide””

  1. Wohoo! Girl, you’re looking hot, don’t melt that snow! 🙂 Really, congrats on such a fun line up of gear. Love that coat and boots. Take care and enjoy that first snow day a little for all of us (esp John)! 🙂

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