Published Lately

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I moved, got a job as a phlebotomist (the mean one who sticks you with needles in the hospital, although I’m very nice 🙂 ) And have been in a whirlwind of all sorts of stuff. Mainly getting ready for ski season though and am starting to get really excited!

Here is just a quick few shots of some publications I’ve been in recently- check me out!


This ran in ESPN Magazine, “The List Issue” which came out on September 20th 2010


This Next one Ran in the November Freeskier on newsstands now


This Ski Utah ad is in the November Powder, on newsstands now, seen here with the lovely Caroline Gleich


I think that’s all for now-

Oh, and keep your eye on NBC’s world of adventure sports- they have been replaying the Cold Rush episode where I am in a fair amount. Pretty cool!

Now I’m hitting the gym hard and enjoying the fall weather. Hope everyone out there is doing the same!

Oh! And anyone in Salt Lake this weekend, come to the Black Diamond Store on 3900 South Saturday morning for the Ski Swap! My friends and I will be unloading a ridiculous amount of gear for ridiculous prices. See you there!

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