It’s coming

I can feel it, the air is *starting* to cool, the leaves are changing, I’m starting to get pysched for the upcoming season. It’s been fun flipping through the pages of all the new magazines coming out. One of my friends said once that it’s funny how the ski magazines we worshipped and read every word of when we were younger, now seem more like yearbooks. Friends and memories can now be found on those pages. It’s amazing, really. I’m excited (although not quite ready yet…) for the snow to fly. I still have a lot to take care of. I’m thoroughly enjoying the fall in Salt Lake City now, and grateful for some time off to relax, stay healthy, and get strong.

Here is a comical and flattering excerpt from Powder Magazine September 2011:

“Who does Suz Graham think she is? : In 2010 , Red Bull attempted to drive a wedge into the typical sausage party that is, for lack of a better word, skiing, and invited girls to join. Then a fledgling pro skier from Sale Lake, 23-year-old Suzanne Graham, shows up and goes bigger than most of the dudes. She sends a double-backflip off a booter so big only a third of the men even tried it. On the last day, she out-hucked all skiers with a 60-foot front flip, which had everyone chanting “Sick Bird” as she claimed the women’s first-place trophy during the awards ceremony. She should be stopped before she injures my ego any further.” -Jamey Voss

1 thought on “It’s coming”

  1. Holy crap Suz! It is an honor that you follow my blog! Look at you… Profesh! When can we have another sleepover as the COW club and eat easy cheese and wheat thins? Or if you’d prefer, I could meet you on the bunny hill at Alta. Jeez! Lookin good!

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