I’m currently in Lysebotn, Norway sitting inside waiting for the wind to calm down. The past week we have been camping here and jumping off the Fjords- this place is unreal. I have never seen cliffs this big and I can’t even begin to explain how it feels to have over 25 seconds of freefall- and almost twice as much time if you are flying a wingsuit. I’ve done 9 jumps so far, the past couple days have been weather days because of heavy winds and rain. I won’t lie though, my legs needed a break! Lots and lots of hiking!

I have been mainly using my “tracking suit” which is a suit that has vents to let air into during freefall on the arms and legs- giving you more surface area, thus giving you the ability to have a much higher glide ratio. With this suit I can achieve about a 45 degree angle away from the cliff during freefall- so I get nice and far away from it before I have to open my parachute. They are so much fun to play with and learn the most efficient way to fly.

Here I am on top wearing my tracking suit.

Then, a few days ago I did my very first wingsuit BASE jump! I have been preparing by jumping it out of planes a lot lately and feel really comfortable now by bringing it to these cliffs. These cliffs are some of the best cliffs in the world to do your first wingsuit jump because they are so tall and clean. I can’t wait for this weather to clear up so I can do many more wingsuit jumps!!! It’s so much fun, the jump lasts so much longer and you really feel the sensation of flying- I’ll post some video soon as well.

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