Say My Name Teaser Drops!

This season I spent some time filming with Grete’s crew for her movie, “Say My Name”- check out the new teaser! Can’t wait to see it this fall.

Say My Name Teaser 2010 from Stan Evans Photography on Vimeo.

Say My Name follows female professional skier Grete Eliassen as she travels the globe with the goal to inspire and evolve women’s skiing. Stacked with a handful of skiing’s elite female lineup, this high definition film features Lynsey Dyer, Sarah Burke, Keri Herman, Ana Segal, Kaya Turski and Suz Graham. See the world this international ski superstar roams, from a world record hip jump in 2010 to her exploration of the rugged backcountry.

*Sidenote- I can’t for the life of me figure out how to embed the vimeo player so you can just view it from my site…. any hints?

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