A few things that are currently taking a priority in my life right now:

-Finishing my internship with the American Red Cross- which means I’m working quite a bit alongside of my two other jobs. I feel like I am working more than full time these days. It’s brutal, but I’ve been learning quite a bit. Next week I begin instructing CPR/AED first aid classes and certifications, which should be a great opportunity!

-Training for… well- the various things I do. This involves running every morning (just about at least…) hiking, mountain biking, lots of skydiving learning how to fly my wingsuit, and generally trying to stay healthy and strong. Staying motivated is hard this time of year when I’m not skiing everyday but I’m lucky to have a lifestyle that keeps me strong and healthy year round. Plus I love every bit of it.

Check out this photo I snapped last night on a bike ride- I love this place. So happy to have such awesome trails so close.

-Planning. Planning planning planning. It’s one of those things that I am in fact terrible at. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have the most difficult time planning for just about anything- be it a big trip or lunch tomorrow, because my schedule seems to be so rapidly changing. But- a few plans that I have been able to secure are, most exciting first:         NORWAY! I’m going to Norway in less than a month for about 3 and a half weeks. I’m ridiculously excited because this will be my first time to Norway, home of some of the biggest cliffs in the world, and can’t wait to unplug for a while with friends and just hike and jump my butt off.

This…. is where I’m going in less than a month. CAN’T WAIT!!!

I’m also planning on going up to Washington for a Mount Berring expedition in a few weeks, the Go Fast Games (invitation base jumping event off the worlds highest suspension bridge at the Royal Gorge in Colorado,) in September, then a possible Chile/Argentina trip. Then…. ohmygosh- ski season will be close!

oh…. and check out these apple pies I baked the other day for my mans b-day. Pretty freaking good. I must say- I’m a MUCH better baker than I am a cook.

1 thought on “Thoughts”

  1. um, hi. Still pissed I didn’t get a piece of one of those. You should probably make one and mail it down… probably.

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