Getting with it… Kind of.

I am currently in Mammoth, California with the Oakley crew doing some outerwear testing. This is my first time on a testing trip and it’s been fun! It’s really cool to learn all about the extensive process that happens when coming out with a new product. I have learned a lot and met way too many people to remember. But I’ll try!

Anyway, every time I go on ski trips I am constantly reminded and reprimanded about how I don’t have a “smart phone” when I pull out my little beat up flip phone that it’s most advanced feature is that it has a camera. Which hey, to me, that’s fancy pants! I know nothing of the world of BBM-ing, words with friends, heaven forbid GPS capability, and to be honest, I want nothing of it. I just really don’t want to get emails while I’m out and about, chairlift business just doesn’t appeal to me at all.

I did, however, just start using Twitter. We’ll see how long that lasts! But for now, you should follow me under the username Suzagram

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