First of all- Here are a few news articles I’ve been in recently- pretty sweet!

The Ski Journal- Feature

ESPN.com- cold rush wrap up

I wont lie, I am very happy it’s springtime. I’m ready for warmer weather and excited give my poor toes a break from being in ski boots every day and wearing flip flops. Ski season is wrapping up and I won’t lie, my feet, shins, knees, back, and mind are all ready for a little break. But I have a few more exciting projects to wrap up before I call it a year.

One awesome thing about the life of Suz- is I seem to always be really excited about the next upcoming adventure. Sure, sometimes I find myself insanely busy because let’s face it- I do try to spread myself much too thin sometimes- but there is always something going on for me.

So, here are a few things that I am currently consumed with:

– taxes. Holy cow- it’s April 11th and my taxes aren’t done. Thanks, dad, for helping me out with my ever so complicated taxes. I might have to file for and extension…. yay procrastination!

– Spring skiing- the Line crew has been at Brighton, UT for the past week shooting their 2011 catalogue and all sorts of video parts, and what have you. I am going to Mammoth with Oakley in a week and a half, and from now until then I will be enjoying the spring skiing in Utah, and we will most likely encounter the usual late spring massive storm, again.

– My parachutes.  :)As ski season retreats, it quickly becomes prime parachuting season. I’m going to be doing a lot of skydiving to get my new wingsuit dialed in- and am super excited for lots of trips to Moab, Twin Falls, and beyond to do some BASE jumping now the weather is completely gorgeous.

– Gotta make the money somehow… While this sounds all sorts of glamorous- I still have two jobs, one working at a sushi joint downtown and the other doing online customer service for backcountry.com. Maybe someday I’ll be able to make money doing something a little more productive and applicable to either my ski career or another ultimate goal of mine, being a PA or a Doctor- but for now, this works.

– School. Get ready- I am      G R A D U A T I N G      on May 6th!!!! It’s been a long process but it’s finally here. Degree #1 will be in the bag (well sort of, I technically graduate in August but the meat of it is finished- I am graduating in Health Promotion and Education- emphasizing in Wilderness Medicine. Basically I am just getting ready for the next step, which is going to be PA school most likely but I do have the random bursts of motivation when I feel like taking the plunge and going for med school. But these aren’t decisions that need to be made immediately.

So anyway, the next three weeks are packed, and I am doing my best not to feel overwhelmed with everything but this beautiful warm weather helps and just makes me feel happy.

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