Wrapping up the Red Bull Cold Rush

Wow, what an amazing three days. Yesterday was the final day of the Cold Rush ending in the PME Cliffs zone, which was a whole ridgeline just covered in cliffs of all sizes to huck our meat off of.

Part of the PME Cliffs venue

The weather was the most challenging part of the day yesterday, as we had a late start already when we woke up to huge snowflakes falling and totally socked in weather. After taking our sweet time to get going and cat up to the top, we finally were able to get the heli up and start scoping lines. The girls got to go first this time and I dropped in third after Claudia and Grete slayed it, setting the bar high early. My turn came and with some pretty substantial butterflies (by now I should be used to this feeling I would think, but I’m not) I dropped in and did what I am most comfortable with off big cliffs. A big old lawn dart. The landing was definitely not as soft as I expected but that’s all right! The day continued with lots of weather holds as fog rolled in and lots of people sending it. Dave Treadway killed it with some impressive cliffs and a huge fast lincoln loop on his first run, Sean Pettit is a madman and threw down the sickest double I may have ever seen, first stomping the crap out of an exposed cliff and half a second later he was airborne again airing the biggest possible place on the venue with an enormous 3, then stomped like it’s no big deal. Dash Longe was throwing enormous 180s and as Charlie Ager was about to drop his cliff a slide broke out crashing down while he was sending it, scaring the heck out of everyone but he came out of it like it aint’ no thang.

Anyway… I could go on. And I can’t say enough about how EVERYONE crushed it so hard the past three days. I am so insanely impressed by Grete and Claudia and so psyched the girls were able to throw down with the boys. I truly believe this was monumental for women’s freeskiing and so stoked right now. I honestly had no clue which one of us were going to take the win because we all threw down and I was so impressed by everyone. After a late, late night of athlete video judging we finally got set up for the awards. To my huge surprise, I ended up taking first place. I still can’t really believe it because just last week I was sitting around at home doing homework and got a call asking if I was available to come up for this competition- I had never even imagined I would be here in the first place! I feel extremely honored to have the athletes vote and even more honored just to be skiing alongside of everyone who was here this week.

Here are the final result-

1) Sean Pettit
2) Dave Treadway
3) Dash Longe
4) Riley Leboe
5) Richard Permin
6) Charley Ager
7) Ian Provo
8 ) Tanner Rainville
9) Bene Mayr
10) TJ Schiller
11) Sven Kueenle


1) Suz Graham
2) Grete Eliassen
3) Claudia Bouvier

We are taking a down day today and on the road back to Salt Lake City tomorrow.

And for lack of better photos from my camera of the awards- here is the infamous Carl The Gnarl, who is now one of my new favorite people, (one of the cat drivers here at Retallack.)

Carl the Gnarl

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