Red Bull Cold Rush Day 2

So today was the day I was most nervous about, since I’m not a park skier. Today was the “slopestyle” portion. But it’s hard to even call it that. This morning we piled in the cats and headed out far, far, away into the depths of the Kootenays. After we rounded the last switchback in the cat we see seven manicured booters built all with pristine, steep, powder landings. Oh, the choices! The possibilites! A storm was rolling in so the light was flat and it was cloudy, which made for some challenging conditions for hucking- It’s kind of difficult when you cant really differentiate the snow from the sky while airborne.

5 of the jumps from the top

I may or may not have done a few double backflips…. 😉

Great day- tired now, hanging out in the common room of this awesome lodge next to the fire. We will have the video review and athlete judging meeting soon. Stick around, because tomorrow is the cliffs day. Yes!

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