Red Bull Cold Rush Day 1

So today was the first day of the Red Bull Cold Rush! Yesterday Grete Eliassen, Dash Longe, and I caught a flight to Spokane and (after getting minorly hassled at the border) drove up here to Retallack, British Columbia. We were greeted by a bison burger barbecue and friendly tours of the mining museum. After learning some good history of the place we checked into the small, cozy lodge and had care packages on our beds that included cool little helmet cams, hats, thermos, etc, and best of all- super awesome “housecoat” robes and slippers with the red bull cold rush logo on them. How classy. 🙂

This morning we piled into the Target and Armada wrapped snowcats and trucked our way up to a ridge staring at the face we were going to be skiing on the rest of the day. We skied down to the bottom to scope some lines and took heli’s up to the top. (How spoiled do I feel right now?!?) There are a total of 14 competitors and this did not feel like a comp at all- let a lone a “big mountain comp.” We got to ski untouched lines, heli accessed, with a second heli (with the sick cineflex camera filming) following us. Intimidating? Yes. But the good news is the weather was so nice we all got to take a second run. Awesome because I felt so much better about the terrain after the first run since I had actually been in there once already.

The day wrapped up nicely and it was awesome to see everyone throw down- some of the guys were going absolutely huge! Tomorrow we get to go hit big cat-built booters into soft, steep landings. 🙂 Once again, psyched.

The Target Cat
The venue for the day- Texas Peak
On top!

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