Huck Fest

After a good 20 inch storm around here I went out with Lynsey Dyer to get some filming done for Grete’s movie, “Say My Name.” It was awesome skiing at Brighton Resort since I don’t get over there as often, there are lots of little minigolf cliffs all over the place. We had a great day skiing deep pow and some ‘fat to flat’ cliffs Brighton is known so very well for.

The next day (Saturday) we headed up to Alta to shoot some photos with Mark Fisher– Again, we skied some fantastic snow and I got to do this…

That is one of my favorite things in the world. Big, giant, backflips. 🙂

Then this morning I went to my pharmacology class and learned about opium. Not quite as thrilling. People who do drugs should just ski off cliffs instead. It’s much safer.

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