Hawaii, SLC Shootout, and Jackson.

Whew. I’ll start from the top.

A few weeks ago I was gearing up to go hit our local skiBASE and got a call that I needed to catch a flight in three hours… to Hawaii. Um, what? So Mike Wilson is working on a TV show this year featuring a different part of the world in every episode that features he and his friends skiing and a little bit of parachuting thrown in the mix. So long story short- A crew was on their way back from skiing in Japan and stopped off in Hawaii on the way home, they needed some more footage for the episode so they called in Jesse and I to come send it out of some helicopters in Hawaii. Hard life I have…. 🙂

Here are some highlights from the week.

Sunrise at Turtle Bay Resort
Heli Pad on the North Shore
In the Heli
Some of the crew on a yacht


We found a waterfall to jump off of!

It was awesome- I had never been to Hawaii and loved it. No only did we get to fall out of some helicopters on the beach, but we checked out pipeline, attempted to ride some crazy winter north shore waves with some even crazier locals. We rode around on a yacht that had hosted Kanye West, Bill Clinton, and Pierce Brosnan to name a few. Hung out with world champion ultimate fighter BJ Penn and drove around in matching convertible mustangs on the big island. It was a welcome break from the wintry world of shin bang and sore knees to get some sun and a change of pace. Awesome.

All of last week I was busy with the Ski Salt Lake Shootout which is a photo competition where different photographers from around the country and around the world come to Salt Lake City for a 4 day, 4 resort competition (Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, and Solitude) and shoot with a select few professional athletes. The week produced some stellar images and it was extremely productive.

Here is probably the most dangerous photo of the week- ha! This took second in the “city lifestyle” catergory.

After an exhausting week of the shootout, (long, long days of hard work)- Some friends and I cruised up to Jackson Hole to go ski off a cliff in the Rock Springs area that I have had my eye on for a while. We met up with the Storm Show Studio boys who drug a huge boom camera setup and filmed us from a bunch of different vantage points. It was pretty rad!

The jump
Money shot- Marshall Miller skibase from Tyler Horne speedflying
The crew-

Rock Springs skiBASE is a gorgeous cliff and I would love to make it again. There is something to be said about a gorgeous 400+ foot cliff that is ski-in-ski-out, no hiking??? AWESOME.

So now I’m catching up on some schoolwork today and waiting for the big storm that is rolling in. Its looking like a pretty good weekend 🙂

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