if I want to be grumpy, let me be grumpy!!!

My next post was going to be a heartwarming “Happy New Year!” post with lots of photos, inspirational thoughts, etc… Instead I’m going to rant. I have to take a couple classes this semester (the first winter EVER that I have taken classes) but this means I get to graduate this SPRING! So today is the first day of school, and as much as I hate taking a class in the winter, to make things worse, it starts at 8 AM. Who does that?!? (It’s really not that bad because I’m completely done at 9:30 leaving the rest of the day for skiing- but I’m going to complain anyway- as this is a venting post.)

So anyway, I ride the bus to school- I refuse to buy a parking pass just to drive around for 10 minutes trying to find a spot then have a 20 minute walk to class anyway. Dumb. Plus, the bus is nice most of the time. So I grab one of the last seats just a few rows back from the handicapped seats at the front. A few stops later this older lady hobbles on, can barely get up the step, and ASKS the people sitting in the handicapped seats if she could sit down. These PUNK ASS kids just stare at her blankly, not moving a muscle. She asks again, still- they just look at her like she spit on them or something. Seriously, out of like 8 people not a single person moved! I watched in disbelief and stand up offering her my seat, although there was one open in the row next to me while I hastily stammered out something to the mean people about being unbelievably inconsiderate. The poor lady shuffles slowly back 3 rows and sits down, saying something like she teaches her grandkids better manners than that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!?!? I know the public transportation system doesn’t really bring out the best of the best sometimes but seriously people….

So then I’m extra grumpy and sleep deprived walking to my class, and some dude passes me going the other way and orders me to smile. I almost freaked out. I HATE it when people do that, seriously, one of my huge pet peeves. Do I really look that miserable to you??? Why can’t you just let me be grumpy!!! WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME TO SMILE!!! I’ll smile when I freaking want to smile!!!! And now I’m officially steaming.

But class was good, it’s a pharmaceuticals class which actually should be pretty cool. And I’m in a much better mood now- especially after sharing my rant with you guys. Now I’m gonna go skiing- and THAT makes me smile. 🙂 (holy cheezball alert. I apologize)

So uhhhhh, how about some snow????

P.S. Happy New Year to all my friends and family near and far!!!!

1 thought on “if I want to be grumpy, let me be grumpy!!!”

  1. Oh my god, I think one of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me to smile. I mean, it’s not like it happens all the time but it has the reverse effect on me. Instead of smiling, I then want to punch them in the face.

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