About 5 minutes ago I turned a final research proposal, thus ending fall semester 09. Wait, so I can actually go SKIING tomorrow instead of do HOMEWORK??? Oh man, what a concept! I took the stitches out of my knee this morning so I’m all good there- and super psyched to have a significantly lightened workload on my plate. I’m excited to spend some time with the family for Christmas next week and praying for more snow.

Unfortunately I do have to take a few classes this winter (first time in forever) but it shouldn’t be too bad. I can still ski and travel and such, I’ll work around it, because come this May, somebody is going to give me a certificate that officially declares me educated and shake my hand. And I don’t have to go to any more school! (well, until I go to nursing school that is…)

So for now, let the holiday joy commence.

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