Here is a shot of my cover that just came out! Again, Seo- you’re the man.

Check out some recent interviews about me and the cover here




Also- I am in the new issue of Powder (Nov 2009-) making an appearance in a killer article about Grete and her movie coming out next year!

Powder Nov 09

Also- I made my 300th BASE jump yesterday! It was a great jump with my two friends Virgil and Matthias off this cliff near Ogden, UT we like to call Black’s peak. It is in a gorgeous canyon with a really long canopy ride out of it. So much fun! Here’s to 300 successful jumps!

I have been attempting to train hard to join in on the last part of the Pacific Coast Cycle for a Cause that I am getting really excited about! Please check it out and if you can donate a couple bucks!!! I’ll be at the Warren Miller show tomorrow (Saturday Oct 16th) at Abravanel Hall so come see me and say hello!

1 thought on “October”

  1. It was awesome jumping with you on your 300th Suz. Today was like deja vu jumping with matthias and jesse with you at work. We took the opportunity to remind him that he was in california during your 300th jump!

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