get through it!

It’s Monday, and I have about four days to…

-make it through finals –somehow– (take both the anatomy practicum and comprehensive final, medical terminology final exam, and pretty much write my final research paper)

-move out of the ski sorority and into my new little studio (a little bittersweet, but I am SO excited to have my own place)

-work my lame job (anyone know of any super cool jobs that pay crazy amounts of money for minimal hours and tons of flexibility??? that would be perfect… ha!)

-Sleeping and eating should fit in there somewhere but I’m not exactly sure where.

And of course I choose NOW to update my blog, funny how procrastination makes some things seem REALLY important and interesting at the time (waaaaay more important than studying for finals in some of the most important classes I’ll take in school)

Maybe this will help my writers block on my paper researching the advancements of total knee replacements???

I haven’t even told you (whoever YOU are) about my awesome trip to the Dominican Republic I took a few weeks ago with my Dad and his wife, my two older brothers, sister in law and adorable little nephew. I’ll have to get pics from everyone and post some good ones (ROB… ahem!!!!)

What I wouldn’t give to be back here right now!!!!

Learning how to windsurf

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