Just got back from a fun trip up to Twin Falls, Idaho to go spend some time jumping of the Perrine Bridge- Spent some time honing in on some skillllz and did my 200’th BASE jump! We also got to do some skydiving at Snake River Skydiving which was really fun, I got to jump my new tracking suit out of a plane before I go off to big cliff land (aka Switzerland) in a few days.

Me learning how to not totally fly out of control in a tracking suit 🙂


Then today we got to jump out of a helicopter, again some more tracking practice. It was awesome!!! Heli jumps are really cool because you aren’t moving so fast like you are in a plane, it is more like a BASE jump because of what we call a “still air exit.” Awesome.

Off to Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland in a couple days- I am crazy excited!!!

1 thought on “200”

  1. Woah!!! That’s pretty cool Suzanne! I’m always highly impressed (since I’m so chicken to do any of that) 🙂 Good job on the tracking and Safe travels on your amazing trip!! Looking forward to seeing pics and updates. Love ya!

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