Alaska Music Video Shoot

The past week I had the amazing opportunity to go to Valdez, Alaska and film as a stunt double for a music video for a Japanese band, Girl Next Door. The main objective was to get some great ski shots as well as a ski-BASE, the plan was to come up with something similar to the classic James Bond scene where he is being chased by the bad guys and ends up ski basing to escape.

It was my first time to AK as well as my first time flying around in helicopters. I loved it!!! However it just made me itching to get back to AK and lay my claim on some of those gigantic mountains- I couldn’t help myself from picking out all the lines I would love to ski someday- (absolutely endless)


One of the two helicopters we were cruising around in- dscn1392

We didn’t get to do enough skiing in the short time we were there but I got a first decent off this little guy- The scariest part of the whole trip was getting out of the heli on top of the thing- it wasn’t big enough to land so I had to hop out with it hovering onto a 3 foot wide ridge. Crazy! The skiing was really fun, smooth and deep- fast and fun.

And…… the outfit. Oh the outfit…. ha!

Jesse and I in the heli 🙂dscn1316

Our ski BASE was epic- sunset light, thousand foot cliff- the canopy ride was unbelievable, flying around with the most amazing backdrop you could imagine. It was pretty intense with two helicopters hovering close to you filming, along with the immense magnitude of the place. But needless to say, it was epic. My all-white outfit, all white rig and all white parachute worked out great (surprisingly) because the warm sunset light made it a vibrant pink against a dramatic backdrop. The footage, especially the footage shot from the Cineflex camera that was mounted on the nose of one of our helicopters, is some of the coolest base footage I’ve seen. I’m so excited to see it!

So for now I can just dream about the next time I get to spend some more time in the enormity of those beautiful mountains. There were moments that just the sight of the endless Chugach range would take my breath away. Endless lines to ski, a million peaks to explore, you could spend a lifetime there.

Stay tuned and get excited for the music video of “Winter Game” by Girl Next Door. I’ll post it as soon as I see it!