Thailand/KL International Base Jump 2008!!


For the whole month of August- Jesse, Alex, and I took off to Thailand for a few weeks to hang out on the most gorgeous beach I’ve ever seen and jump off a beautiful cliff right on the water. It was paradise! Then we headed to Malaysia to join in on a BASE jumping building tour in conjunction with the celebration of “Merdeka,” the Malaysian independence day. It was a huge honor and we were seen as heros to the Malasians, I had the opportunity to shake the hands of the prime minister and many powerful politicians. It was great to be in a situation where B.A.S.E jumping was so highly regarded!

The trip was amazing, and I’ll share a few of the hundreds of photos we took!

On Ton Sai Beach, Thailand, our cliff behind me.


Gorgeous view from the top


Riding Elephants!


Jumping on the beach, 500 feet!


Parading us in rickshaws for the opening ceremony in Penang, Malaysia. Hillarious!


Jesse and I jumping off KL- two way!


Off KL in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia- Long slow gainers are so much fun!


The trip was amazing!!! I would LOVE to go back and can’t wait for my next adventure. 🙂

Back in school now- workin hard until the snow flies!!!