I am so excited!!! This past week a crew of us have been rallying a particular skiBASE jump that had never been hit before just 45 minutes from our house. Definitely stoked on this one. It’s pretty nerve wracking standing on top of an inrun that drops off the edge of the world, (or a 500 foot cliff, same thing) but for that same reason it is soooo much dang fun, and I am addicted.

I have hit it three times this week- Jesse and Max have been with me on all my jumps and they are both killing it, as usual, with frontflips, double backs, really long slider-up delays… these are the people who inspire me for sure. For now I am sticking to solid straight airs, getting used to my skis, and how the wind catches them in different ways- focusing on good body position and an overall solid jump. I can’t wait to do it again… tomorrow maybe? 🙂rewikstrom_suz-1st-skibase.jpg
Thanks for the photo Re!!