Happy New Year!!

Yay 2008!!!

So check out my…

NEW CAR!!!! WOOOOO!!!! I am still a little bit in shock, is this beautiful car really mine?


New BASE rig!!! Yeah!!! My parachute is sooooo pretty… I’ll show you some pictures later- We just went on a short trip down to Moab and jumped 4 cliffs down there, it was an amazing time for sure. I have over 50 base jumps and counting now. Sick!!!!
New Job… not that exciting- but good to make some cash after a day of skiing. I am working as a server at California Pizza Kitchen in the Gateway in downtown SLC.
School is finally over and it’s time to ski! It’s dumping in Utah right now and I am getting pretty excited just to be able to focus on skiing and having a good time. Life is rad!
Check my schedule for this upcoming season. Just keep in mind it could easily change and probably will.