There are few images I cherish more than a first snow on my mountains adorned in a fiery palette of amber, red, yellow, and gold. Fall is finally here and I can smell winter in the air. I love October for lots of reasons- the colored leaves, the cold, the pumpkins, ski movies, and of course, the snow. I get re-acquainted with all favorite beanies and hoodies and drink hot chocolate while dreaming about powder days. Along with these warm and fuzzies come a sense of anxiety. It’s been too long and I’m ready. This year the waiting is twice as intense because I’m restlessly waiting for something else as well, my BASE rig, my very own parachute. Could come this week, could be longer… I still feel like base jumping is a dream. 40 plus jumps so far and I feel like I am still in a constant state of awe.

I can’t help but feel like one of the luckiest people in the world at this point. I have been extremely fortunate as I have been blessed with so much- skiing, base jumping, my family, my friends, and countless opportunities. I only hope that some day I will be able to repay all those who have given me so much.

And on a completely different note- I’ve added new photos to the photo gallery and have been doing a little work on the site. And I’m stoked because one of my favorite photos ran in this months SBC Skier. Just wait, soon we’ll be doing this…