here we go again!

It is almost September! Crazy! I wanted to put up a quick note saying I am back online and I promise, will start updating regularly again. I have added some new photos from last season and updated the rest of the site, check it out! Now I am *sigh* in school again until December, then I am free to ski my little head off! So what have I been up to all summer? Summer school was hard, got a little in over my head perhaps with a few classes, but I survived. 106 degree days are grueling, especially when I am working at the roadside fruit stands, deliriously picking through cherries, berries, and corn. I took my brother and my Mom skydiving, so awesome! And best of all I have been BASE jumping quite a bit- which in itself is a whole other chapter. But as for now, start praying for snow and check back soon!