Time to catch up… So the rest of the trip in BC was great, although it was never very sunny and the avy danger was pretty intense so we were limited on actually getting a lot done. Gene Dwarkin was the photographer and we did manage to get some great shots however and I can’t tell you how good it felt to be skiing deep snow though as I had been waiting for it for far too long down in the states. I reluctantly had to leave crew on the 19th, right before heli drops, snowmobiling, and much more deep snow. But I was out of money (again) and had to get to Crested Butte for the US Extreme Freeskiing Championships.

So less than 12 hours from flying into Salt Lake, Carston and I took off for Colorado. It was a little shocking going from the deepest snow of the season to a 30 inch base with lots and lots of pointy rocks. It was my first time at the Butte and we definitely had great accommodations thanks to the lovely Pip Hunt who let us take over the living room floor at her awesome on-hill condo.

To make a long story short, I skied pretty poorly on my first run of the semifinals. I let the comp stress get to me and picked an easy line. I don’t really know what happened out there but I was unhappy with how I had been skiing. So for my second run I skied something I hadn’t inspected at all, took bigger airs and skied it clean, but still, could have skied a much more aggressive run. I was frustrated with the judging, conditions, and my skiing- so I went into the final day just planning to ski a line that would be fun for me, not necessarily high scoring. Plus I was sick of watching the girls do the same thing. During inspection I packed out a small lip on “box rock,” one of the most prominent cliffs in the venue. Unfortunately I came up a tiny bit short on a massive backflip and tomahawked the rest of the run. I somehow still made it through to the Super Finals and just decided to do the same thing again but try to stick it- and I stuck it initially, but came out with so much heat into icy moguls I exploded. I did get two sickbird nominations out of the day however. Anyway, I took ninth place overall but won the “Competitors Choice” award, as well as the Colorado Freeskier “HuckDoll” award. I was totally blown away…
Photo of me in the comp- I guess this was on the Front Page of the Crested Butte Newspaper, so I heard.


So I came back to the newly snowy Utah and had an amazing week. Shot lots of photos and got some great shots. I also did some more filming with Rage which worked out great. Last Saturday we had a really fun day out at Rocky Point, despite the circus huck-fest. Later on that day we witnissed this avalanche in Wolverine Cirque, which was triggered by a cornice Jeff intentionally sent down into the cirque. It was really scary, but pretty spectacular to see first-hand. An in-your-face reminder of the unexplanable power and and consequence avalanches have. Needless to say we skied some low angle tree pow back home.

The photo I took right after it slid. Be careful out there everyone!

Now the US Freeskiing Nationals are upon us and I feel soooo lucky to not have to ski in the qualifiers this year. West Baldy is in bad shape to say the least… Good luck to everyone else out there competing and I look forward to the semi’s on Friday! I will do my best to try to escape the mind games that I tend to fall victim to in competition.

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