Gettin’ deep in BC

Just a quick update, things picked up quick and I am now skiing pow in beautiful British Columbia! I am staying in Golden and have been skiing at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and the surrounding backcountry. Trying to get some filming done with Rage and once the sun comes out it should definately go off.
Today we went to hit some cool pillowy lines and ice falls right off the road in Rogers Pass, but there was a river in the way that required gapping. It was sketchy, and I fully came up short fell in… but we won’t talk about that. We all skied fun lines despite some flat landings and had a good laugh (mostly at my expense.) And it is puking outside… Tomorrow should be rad!

4 thoughts on “Gettin’ deep in BC”

  1. ah, know your killing it. get all you can and there will be snow waiting for you when you get back 🙂 yes, it’s true!

  2. I was sent your site by a friend….nice job! We just started this new site and are looking for local skier pics and video clips. Please check us out and if you have anything you would like to donate in that way it would be great. My daughters ski on the Snowbird team and reading your bio makes me wonder if they’ll head in your direction. The youngest is 2nd in the state and possibly 2nd or 3rd for the IMD. Anyway I hope you think our new site will be good for the Utah ski community and a place for folks to connect. I’ld love your feed back. See ya…..

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